Friday, August 17, 2012

wtf seriously?

Came across this Huffington Post Canada article today and had to read it twice to make sure she wasn't taking the ****.


No wonder comments are disabled for it. White supremacist Anders Breivik - if he really fits in that category, which he probably doesn't - goes on a shooting spree in Norway. Some wacko shoots up a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.

You think this can't happen in Canada?


some guys have ALREADY SPRAYPAINTED STUFF in some places, in Canada.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


What a wonderful evening, and a privilege to meet Blazing CatFur and Kathy Shaidle, and numerous other good bloggers on the side of freedom and truth !

Friday, November 4, 2011

Stop Giving Away My Money

What's this? while Facebooking this ad popped up:

Which is clearly one of those get rich things but it involved getting cash from the Canadian government for no reason, and in which the recipient boasts about never having to pay it back. As a taxpayer I'm fairly disgusted by this and by the reaction of those on the blog.

"Thanks to the advice from my friend, and the 2 forms I filled out, I'm doing great. I have more money than I ever need to provide for my family, and for those rainy days. After qualifying for my third grant this year, my husband and I celebrated in Vancouver! Below is a picture of us at Ruth Chris' Steak House in Vancouver."
Awesome! my hard earned cash is being used to fund steak dinners and Christmas presents for someone else's kids.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Voice of the Protests

This is what a UBC Sociology PROFESSOR had to say about Occupy Vancouver:

“The people who have that much money, there’s a reason they have that much money and they’re not going to give it up just like that,”

What hope for our youth...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Liberals don't Really Like Multiculturalism.

I usually take some satisfaction in seeing a liberal get tripped up by his own dogma, but less so when it's someone I know. However, it is an entertaining sight and one I took great glee in observing.

A rabidly liberal friend of mine in Vancouver sends her son to a French-immersion school. I took this as the usual liberal desire to expose children to any culture other than their own, their child's actual education be damned. Turns out I was wrong. The real reason, she admitted to me, is that the English schools are so overwhelmingly Chinese, the only way to avoid being a minority in one's own country (and language) is to send them to French schools!

"But I thought you liked multiculturalism?!" I teased.
"Yes", she replied, "but this is more like .... colonisation" !

And there you have it. Try to enjoy watching liberal chickens come home to roost, you'll be seeing more of it!