Friday, September 10, 2010

Freda Hughes, Poster Girl for Ireland's Anti-Israel Hate

Here she is, the chairperson of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Jewfinder general for Ireland, possibly Europe's most anti-Israel country. Her "Facebook likes" are a cocktail of leftwing organisations and causes, including one called "Intifada Palestine", whose website can be found here.

The reason I am posting on Ms.Hughes is that she made a speech at Tony Blair's recent trip to Dublin, where she accused Israel of entering the peace talks in poor faith, from a "position of power" as she calls it. She doesn't like Tony Blair being involved in the peace process because he likes Israel, and as we all know, the only real lovers of peace are those who hate Israel and want it destroyed. Right?

Other than that, she blathered at length about "Zionist oppression" and the "apartheid regime".

The photo comes from here, where the IPSC encourages the boycott of all Israeli goods. Here, Hughes declares that
"Israel's treatment of Palestinians amounts to nothing short of Apartheid"
Other history buffs were present too:

"Brendan Archbold said, "The parallels between the old Apartheid regime of South Africa and the state of Israel are quite striking. Just as South African forces shot and killed their own people in Sharpeville and Uitenhage, so too do the Israeli military adopt a shoot-to-kill policy"
Shooting ones own citizens makes a country an "Apartheid State" then, does it? Hamas, take note.

The funny thing about these "striking parallels", is that nobody in the IPSC campaign actually explains them. Archbold adds:
"Just as Israel models itself on the old racist regime in South Africa, so too must we must model our response on the boycott policy that contributed so much to the ending of Apartheid"
The lazy thinking behind such statements is self-evident, and explains why nobody even bothers to make rational arguments. The parallels between Israel and the old South Africa are so shallow and tentative that it's far easier for the rational person to think of things they don't have in common.

Freda Hughes is representative of this lazy, shallow thinking. Her blindly leaping on the IPSC cause is just a part of a broader anti-everything agenda. Singling out Israel for unique criticism seems to require no explanation at all for the IPSC and its supporters. Not nice being singled out for criticism, is it Freda?


  1. How can a war criminal such as Blair be viewed as a peacemaker Tim?

  2. Just a slightly loaded question - but as much as I dislike New Labour and Tony Blair, the Iraq war was the one thing he did right. Here's the what the excellent Nick Cohen has to say:

  3. Brilliant insane article. I especially like the 'Jewfinder general' comment. It raises the whole article above the usual banal dislike of anti-war, pro-Palestinian activists.

  4. Nick Cohen ....excellent? I think not Tim. He even went as far as to justify the slaughter of more than 1400 people, including more than 300 children, in Gaza in Dec 2008/Jan 2009. Sick individual more like!!

  5. Freda Hughes is a legend! Everyone in Ireland who sympathises with the terribly oppressed Palestinians (that would be about 95% of Irish citizens) loves her to bits.

    The IPSC is amazing and one of the most respected campaigns in Ireland. I love Freda and the IPSC, this weird little rant is pathetic.

    Boycott Apartheid Israel, end the occupation of Palestine.

    Conor - Ireland

  6. can I expect the entire Indymedia readership on here today then?
    Which is absolutely fine, as I don't use the heavy-handed moderating that Indymedia does. 95% of Irish citizens? Yes, probably. And that's part of the problem. In which case, who is the IPSC campaign aimed at? the other 5%? (that would include me, btw).

    And are this 5% providing "usual banal dislike of anti-war, pro-Palestinian activists"? If a minority is producing it, it's not "usual".

    It's the very essence of the protestor type to have 1,000 people (in a country of 4 million) march down O'Connell st. and claim to be "the people".

    Ms.Hughes endlessly trots out the "apartheid" cliche without ever feeling the need to qualify it. As such, yes, she is a hatemonger.

  7. 'tireless search for truth'!! If you truly believe your own mission statement then you better examine your own mind first!Have you been to Gaza???? Have you been to West- Bank??? Have you been to Iraq or Afghanistan?? If the answer is no then I would advise you to go and travel in search of the truth then you will know the right and wrong of the Middle East!

  8. I'd love to go, Treasa. But what is it about visiting those places that will make the visitor know the truth? That they're in a bad way? We all know that. seeing a broken building tells us nothing about why the building is broken. In fact, from personal experience in Africa, often being faced with physical realities can blind one to the real causes of poverty and dereliction.
    I'm sure Gaza is not an ideal place to live. But is that not at least partly as a result of the incompetence of the Hamas government, in your opinion?
    What percentage of Gaza's troubles are caused by Hamas? 50%? 20%?

  9. 'Hamas Government', lol. Israel exerts control over Gaza, complete and devastating control. Government, hahaha

  10. Listen here, idiot. Who distributes all the aid money that is sent to Gaza? Israel, or Hamas?

  11. This is Freda's allotted position in life as a female under her utopian vision of a non- existent Israel & a state instead controlled by Hamas.

    With there uncovered faces, infidel women especially, constitute a “provocation” so that they have only themselves to blame when Allah-fearing Muslim men rape, gang-rape, and assault them.

    This is indeed a "Fact."

    I'm Irish, I'm proud of being Irish, but I'm pro Israel.

  12. thanks for commenting, Anonymous. It's good to know Ireland is not completely overrun...

  13. tim lick the zionist boots all ya like fact is your goyim your gentile your only here on earth to serve the jew plus according to the talmud its ok
    to rape a child under 9 nice wouldnt let a jew baby sit my kids

  14. Anon, babes, the Talmud has been tamed by the enlightenment. I'm certain it says some really nasty things but it is of no concern for the modern age. On the other hand the Sharia has many anti-human demands and rules which continue to this day. Having sex with a 9 year is still practiced today.

    I'm not quite getting your 'Jews rule the world' stitck 'cus surely they'd be coming after a tit like you if they did.

    Have a good day!

  15. Does "israel" practice apartheid? And would you see that more clearly if you tried to visit Palestine?

    Shulamit Aloni is the former Education Minister of "israel", and she describes a little piece of "israeli" apartheid here:
    You see, there are some roads in Palestine for Jews Only, though they might make an exception for a nice Irish visitor; Palestinians are not allowed on them.

    For many years I was a traveller, and I have met many people who have visited Palestine. Almost all of them were disgusted by the hatred displayed by many "israelis". The three exceptions, visitors who noticed nothing amiss, were two Jewish people from the US and one Jewish person from South Africa. I have nothing against Jews, but I'm against apartheid and I couldn't buy anything from "israel".

  16. These far-left anti-Israel IPSC freaks do not 'represent 95% of Irish people', Freda Hughes is just another run of the mill card carrying lefty proffessional protester.

  17. With the publicity given to Israel's bloody tactics by social media, she represents closer to 95% of Irish people than ever before.