Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ireland's Greatest

h/t CLR

It was announced today that John Hume has come first in RTE's search to find the "Greatest Person in Ireland's History". Really?

A look at the Top 40 reveals a few surprises, although less surprising considering that only 1000 people were polled in the initial survey and they aged from 15 up.

History goes back further than 1970, and so here is my (provisional) list of top 10 greatest Irish people of all time:

1. The Duke of Wellington
2. Edmund Burke
3. Oscar Wilde
4. Robert Boyle
5. Daniel O'Connell
6. Charles Stewart Parnell
7. Ernest Walton
8. Henry Joy McCracken
9. Thomas Francis Meagher
10. Edward Carson


Mark Humphrys' Top 20


  1. I thought the RTE list was so pathetic that I made out my own list too:

    The greatest Irish person ever

    I then did a search and found your list. You are the only person who seems to have a list similar to me. You obviously believe in the Enlightenment too! Science and the Enlightenment are far more interesting than the small parochial issue of Irish nationalism.


  2. Indeed I do, Mark, and thanks for commenting and linking.

    Your site is excellent and I have linked to it on at least one previous occasion - The anti-Israel protest in Dublin.