Saturday, April 16, 2011

Journalists, Your Intellectual and Moral Superiors

This one from BCF/Halls of Macadamia is priceless.

In a classic piece of journalistic piety, we read the Toronto Sun headline:

Somalian shot dead by Ontario man

What racism is this? you might ask.

We soon learn, however, that

"Abdikadir (Abdi) Abdow, 24, was earlier convicted of first-degree murder for the April 26, 2009, slaying of Mohamed (Malik) Khalif, 20, at the city's Hermitage Park."

Yes, those racist Ontariooneranians.


  1. These journalists lie with more conviction than they tell the truth.

    I have often wondered how this Orwellian system is enforced in the western MSM; it it the papers' owners, is it spontaneous because of the self-maintaining hiring practices in the editorial room, or what?

    I think we should be told.


  2. I don't think it's the papers' owners, that would be giving journalists a way out of their responsibility for the sh*t they come out with, Anon. In this case the efforts were clearly gone to to avoid having to write "Somali kills Somalian" or something, but they could have put "Ontario man killed by Somalian" - oh wait,that might bias Canadians against Somalis!

    That's the thought process that goes on I think, desperation to avoid having us plebs feel anything negative towards protected groups - however violent they really are - and at the expense of anything resembling truth. What do you think?

  3. I don't know for sure; that's why I think we need hypothesis-driven, hard, investigative data.

    My personal bias is that most MSM journalists are white, and gravitate to the profession because they are intoxicated with vague, confused but powerful notions of guilt, injustice and retribution.

    I am now convinced that whites are much more susceptible to guilt ('outgroup altruism') than other racial groups, and that the people who manipulate us (whether our own internal traitors, or outsiders) know this and use it ruthlessly.

    Almost all of the political and general journalists are graduates of Left-liberal arts departments, which as is now well documented, are utterly infiltrated with the Frankfurt School of Bolshevik, who see it as their holy duty to destroy Western, and especially white civilization.

    Furthermore, I think most journalists are in that mediocre IQ range (105-115) which are uniquely susceptible to self-doubt, and which, therefore, are easily impressed by "learned" teachers, especially those who are counter-culture, and who will do the thinking for them, supply them with a suitably radical view on life, and, in a thousand ways, nourish their endless capacity for self-hatred and self-destruction.

    The editorial rooms, I think, then fill up with these people who then appoint "graduates" with similar views to themselves. The Editors, and older, seasoned journalists who stay the course, are, I suspect, somewhat smarter, more committed to our collapse, and need to be manipulated into their positions by the anti-whitenationalist elite who are our real enemies, and this I would suspect is done with money.

    Make no mistake, the West is under sustained attack and the MSM is the most potent weapon currently deployed against us.

    We desperately need to get to the bottom of this and root it out. The moralizing instinct is a powerful opportunity for the Alinskys of this world.